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Media Technical Team Visit Venues, Give Thumbs Up

Media Technocrats Visit Venues, Give Thumbs Up

 Friday 30th December 2016

NAIROBI: Among the various high-profile visitors who came to Nairobi to monitor progress for the build up to the IAAF World Under 18 Nairobi 2017 Championships were top service providers and data processors. The global event will take place in Nairobi between 12-16 2017. The officials visited on October 18-20. Official timer Seiko and deltatre, who provide several services like data entry and bib assignment and data input and processing, sent top officials to Nairobi on site visit.

Ken Britland and Daniel Hawkes, both from United Kingdom, represented Seiko Europe; Luca Alarico Sperotti from Italy represented deltatre, Emanuele Perotti Nigra, also Italian, was representing IAAF, while Jan Zmek from the Czech Republic, came on behalf of AMS. They were happy with what they saw and said as much during the press conference. “In our opinion, eight months is sufficient, but we don’t need to wait until January to start this work. We must start work now. We are happy that the government fully behind the project,” said Perotti. “People need to see what is happening. Rio de Janeiro delayed with facilities and venues and, in the process, had bad media, but eventually the Brazilian city staged a fantastic Olympics. But it’s good to start early,” he said.

They kicked off their work with a tour of the warm-up area, main stadium and its peripheries. They met with the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) and the host broadcaster, KBC. “Kenya hosted a very successful World Cross Country Championships in 2007 and this is an opportunity to build on that success,” said Zmek. “Kampala will be staging World Cross in March and Africa, with her good athletes, can take this opportunity to showcase their talent here in Nairobi,” he said.

The LOC chiefs proactively took their comments, including those that sounded critical, saying they needed to prepare well and thus would appreciate a honest assessment of the progress. “I would like to convey the LOC’s deep appreciation of the IAAF for sending, even in the past, technical delegates to Nairobi. They are the heart and spine of our preparation and without them holding our hands, we cannot move,” said Mwangi Muthee, the CEO of the LOC. “During next July, Kenyans and the whole world will be expecting a successful event at the Moi International Sports Centre at Kasarani, a happy Athletes’ Village at Kenya University and at the accommodations where the IAAF Family, guests and commercial partners will be living,” he said.