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If you plan on visiting some sites on your own and not using any of the transport provided by the LOC, there are a number of different options available for getting around Nairobi. 


Traveling by taxi especially UBER taxis are very popular in Nairobi. Your hotel will also be able to recommend a reliable provider. Depending on the length of your trip, you will pay between $ 3 USD and $ 35 USD from the minimum charge to a trip to the airport respectively. Other available modes of transport in the city include Matatus (shared mini-bus taxis), Buses, Trains, Boda bodas (motorbikes), Tuk-tuks (three-wheeled taxis) and regular taxis. Except for train services provided by the government-owned Kenya Railways Corporation, all other modes of transport are operated by private sector investors.


A number of bus companies ply some of the city routes, thus providing an alternative to the Matatus. Bus routes also converge at the city centre, with various termini in the city centre serving as drop off and pickup points for passengers.


Matatus (shared mini-bus taxis) are the predominant means of getting around Nairobi, since they ply routes that cover nearly all parts of the greater Nairobi suburbs. The small 14-seater Matatus are easily recognizable from the regulation yellow stripe painted front to back on their sides.


There are quite a number of taxi cab service companies and also personal taxis in Kenya. They offer their services all around in Kenya. Maost will have names on the side or may be parked in the streets with signboards placed at the top of the car. They also have a yellow strip painted from the front to the back on the sides.